Water and sewer systems


The attorneys at the Kaplan & Nohejl Law Firm have many years’ experience in representing clients in the area of waterworks engineering, i.e. the area primarily regulated by Act No. 274/2001 Coll., on Water and Sewer Systems for Public Use and Changes to Certain Laws (the Water and Sewer Systems Act), as amended, and other implementing legislation, primarily Ministry of Agriculture Decree No. 428/2001 Coll.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal services and counselling in matters pertaining to:

  • ownership of waterworks infrastructure
  • operation of waterworks infrastructure
  • construction, repair and maintenance of water and sewer systems
  • competency of regional self-government bodies and administrative authorities in the area of water and sewer systems
  • legal audits and due diligence in the area of waterworks engineering
  • representation in court proceedings, particularly that pertaining to activities relating to the operation of waterworks infrastructure