Legal relations pertaining to real estate


Attorneys at the Kaplan & Nohejl Law Firm have many years’ experience in representing clients in a wide range of real estate transactions, the realization of development projects, as well as representing clients in disputes pertaining to real estate.

We offer our clients reliable legal services and counselling, especially in the following situations:

  • when buying or selling real estate, including the establishment and maintenance of an escrow account to deposit funds for the payment of the purchase price
  • in the realization of legal due diligence in relation to real estate
  • in arranging financing for the purchase of real estate
  • in zoning and building permit proceedings
  • in securing complete contractual documentation for development projects
  • in securing a declaration from the owner of a building according to the Apartment Ownership Act
  • representing clients in relation to real estate brokers
  • representing real estate offices in relation to their clients and customers
  • in purchasing real estate at auctions or executor auctions
  • in buying or selling encumbered real estate bearing liens and other third party rights
  • in disputes regarding the determination of real estate ownership
  • representing owners of residential buildings in relation to tenants of apartments
  • representing tenants in disputes relating to the lease of apartments
  • representing parties in relation to the lease of non-residential premises
  • in the administration of real estate owned by clients
  • in the area of real estate leasing
  • in the area of project management, facility management and asset management
  • in the reconstruction and conversion of real estate
  • in the privatization of municipal apartments and non-residential premises