Labor law


The Kaplan & Nohejl Law Firm provides comprehensive legal counselling in the area of labor law, including client representation in court proceedings in labor disputes.

We offer employers and employees legal counselling in the following main areas:

  • negotiation of the terms of employment prior to the execution of an employment contract, counselling in relation to the conclusion of employment contracts, managerial contracts and agreements for work outside employment
  • issues concerning the concurrent position of statutory bodies and employees, including the optimization of solutions according to the client’s needs
  • dismissal of employees and termination of employment, invalid termination of employment by the employer or employee
  • occupational health and safety, care of employees, drawing holiday leave
  • employee remuneration
  • preparation of employer work regulations and other internal regulations
  • protection of personal data and protection of employees’ right to privacy within the context of the protection of the employer’s legitimate rights and interests
  • impediments to work – maternity and parental leave, sick leave and other issues, including social security
  • liability and compensation of damage
  • legal audits and due diligence in the area of labor law
  • counselling in relation to the transfer of an employer’s activity to another employer and terminating the operation of a business
  • representation in court proceedings – primarily enforcement of claims, invalid termination of employment, compensation of damage and other matters