Family law


Our firm provides qualified legal assistance in the area of family law
in matters relating to the dissolution of marriages, including comprehensive legal services in the case of uncontested divorces, i.e. the preparation of agreements on the settlement of mutual property relations, rights and obligations relating to cohabitation and any alimony obligations, as well as agreements on the care of underage children in the period after the divorce. Our firm is also prepared to provide clients with comprehensive legal services prior to entering into marriage, primarily the preparation of so-called prenuptial agreements.

In the area of family law, we mainly represent clients in proceedings

  • on the settlement of joint marital property
  • on custody and alimony arrangements for underage children in the period prior to, and after the divorce and proceedings to determine parental contact with the child
  • on alimony arrangements relating to children of age, between spouses and divorced spouses
  • increases or decreases in alimony payments
  • to determine and disclaim paternity