Court disputes and arbitration proceedings


Our law firm regularly represents clients in court disputes, both those before the regular courts, as well as arbitration proceedings conducted before the Arbitration Court of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic or other arbitration courts and arbitrators pursuant to Act No. 216/1994 Coll., on Arbitration Proceedings and the Execution of Arbitration Awards, as amended. Our attorneys have many years’ experience in the provision of legal services pursuant to Act No. 99/1963 Coll., the Civil Procedure Code, as amended. When representing clients in court and arbitration proceedings, we primarily exercise the rights of our clients in commercial and civil law disputes, but also proceedings arising from labor or family law relations. Because an extensive part of our agenda consists of the organization and administration of public contracts pursuant to Act No. 137/2006 Coll., on Public Contracts, as amended, we also represent contracting authorities and bidders in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition and related disputes conducted according to Act No. 150/2002 Coll., the Code of Administrative Justice, as amended.
In the above proceedings, we always proceed in such a way that the rights and justified interests of our clients are protected as effectively as possible and as quickly as possible, so that the success achieved in court or arbitration proceedings has a real significance for the client and so the client can also enforce the claims awarded under these court or arbitration proceedings. With this goal in mind, we also cooperate with a number of executors, who help us ensure the enforcement of decisions in cases where the obligated party fails to fulfill its obligations voluntarily.