Commercial law


We provide comprehensive legal counselling in the area of commercial law, and in order to ensure the provision of the highest professional standard of services, we also cooperate with specialists in related fields (auditors, experts, tax advisors, etc.).

We offer businesses and non-business entities legal services and counselling in the following main fields:

  • preparation of all contractual documents (commercial contracts)
  • preparation of expert opinions, legal and other analyses, agreements and other documents of a legal and commercial nature
  • debt collection, including representation before the general courts, arbitration courts and other bodies with material and local jurisdiction
  • competition law (anti-trust and unfair competition law)
  • insolvency law (applications for claims, preparation of insolvency petitions, including representation in insolvency proceedings)
  • securities, and securities trading
  • industrial property and other intellectual property rights
  • liability and claims for compensation of damage or release of unjust enrichment
  • deciding business disputes
  • legal audits and due diligence in the area of commercial law